About Oceanogen

Welcome to the Oceanogen.

Oceanogen is an environmental biotechnology laboratory under PT Oceanogen Baruga Indonesia that was developed by Dr. rer. nat. Hawis H. Madduppa, S.Pi, M.Si. He is an enthusiastic scientist who wants to combine research, teaching, learning, and generation of knowledge about genetic management of marine species. The current interest in applied research is the integration of population genetic knowledge into environmental biotechnology, molecular biology and marine biodiversity for sustainability.

This laboratory was developed by considering Indonesia as a center of biodiversity both land and seawhich host corals, fish, and many other marine organisms. This laboratory serves to explore and investigating the Indonesian marine biodiversity trough research and education.Our research focuses on marine biodiversity, mostly vertebrates diversity, with special attention to evolutionary genetics and speciation, molecular ecology, and fish ecology and systematics. Whenever possible we use complementary approaches at the genomic, phenotypic, ecological and environmental level to support our findings. We also do research on fish habitat rehabilitation and using fish or other biota as biological indicators.

Oceanogen was formed by enthusiastic scientists who have expertise in the following applied fields:

Fisheries and Marine genetics

Oceanogen develops genetic investigations aiming to decipher the role of demographic connectivity in the maintenance of genetic structures in marine species and how such genetic information can be integrated in the management of fisheries and marine for sustainability.

Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics

Post-PCR and pre-PCR areas are spatially separated to avoid contamination of environmental samples. Special care is taken for the analysis of environmental DNA (eDNA) that is extracted and handled in a specifically designed lab container. The molecular laboratory conducts DNA and RNA work in single tube as well as high-throughput plate format.

Marine Biodiversity

Marine biodiversity includes coastal and marine plant and animal species, their genetic variety, the habitats and ecosystems they form part of, and the ecological processes that support all of these.