Masterclass training course

Masterclass DNA barcoding

Registration fee:

two days: IDR 2.000.000,-

one day: IDR 1.500.000,-


January 6 : lab work

January 7 : bioinformatics


Masterclass environmental DNA

Registration fee :

two days: IDR 3.000.000,-

one day: IDR 2.500.000,-


January 21: sampling technique and lab work

January 22: bioinformatics


Masterclass seafood authentication (2jt/2.5jt)

Registration fee :

two days: IDR 2.500.000,-

one day: IDR 2.000.000,-


January 29: Labwork

January: 30 Specific primer design and Bioinformatics


The registration fee include: e-module, e-certificate, lab materials, lunch, experiences


Training location:

Oceanogen Labklinikum, Jl. Cemara 3 No. 34 Taman Yasmin Sektor 2 Bogor


How to register:

Please send your CV and indicate your interests to


Please also transfer your registration fee proof to:


No. rekening: 133-00-1674587-9

Bank Mandiri

KK Bogor Kampus IPB Darmaga

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